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Leagueswype is the ultimate way to commission season-long fantasy play. A mobile wallet perfect for the fantasy sports community. Ponying up for the draft party becomes a breeze. With LeagueSwype you can collect and manage league dues and issue instant payouts at the click of a button.


We Will Not Spam You



Fast and Easy payments
Collect, store and transfer money easily,
quickly and securely.

Instant transfers to / from linked cards.


Set up your league in two minutes
Invite your friends via
text or email

Fully mobile app gives you instant
access on the go


Special Offers
Save money and
score discounts

Take advantage of discounts and special offers made exclusive to Leagueswype owners

Get Started

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Leagueswype is Coming
to save friendships!

No more incomplete payouts, frustrated players, and fractured friendships.
Leagueswype provides the transparency, efficiency, and fun the fantasy sports community deserves.


Manage multiple leagues
on one easy to use platform.

Whether calculating, competitive, seasoned, or even casual player, use Leagueswype to manage all of your leagues. Never has so much convenience and functionality been offered on one mobile platform designed for fantasy sports players by fantasy sports players.

How it Works

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Sign up and create 
your league


Invite the folks in
you league


Start collecting payments and
getting paid quickly


Being commissioner used to be a thankless job. Not anymore, Leagueswype is coming to show why it pays to be the boss.