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We’re just like you. We were spending our leisure time grinding on the spreadsheets, hunting down our players who haven’t paid, and calculating who was getting what payout each week. The worst part was, that was only just for one league! Multiply that by about 10 and we felt like we were managing the NFL. Unfortunately, we weren’t getting paid like the Commissioner, but we were putting in his hours. So, we decided something had to give. 

We wanted to build a solution for the 5, 10, 15+ league commissioner, the person putting in 10-20 hours a week managing their leagues. With all the duties of the leagues, commissioners are missing out on the best part, watching the sports. As we got older and as “life” got in the way, we realized that fantasy sports were more than about the sports. They’re about the friendships that are made and maintained throughout each season. Sure, you might not check in with your long-time buddy as often as you should, but when you’re matched up to play against each other next week, some friendly smack talk kicks off the conversation. 

Leagueswype is here to give the power back to commissioners, one week at a time. If you know know a commissioner that needs needs a trick play in the 4th quarter, Leagueswype is the solution. 

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